Google Analytics


Identity Governance


This provider requires a Service Account:

  1. Go to Google Cloud and then select a project
    1. Create a service account
    2. Click on Keys tab and then the button Add Key with the JSON format
    3. Store the JSON file in a secure location such as a password manager
    4. Go to Google Analytics
    5. Select an account then Admin section
    6. Click on Account Access Management
    7. Add the Service Account email address as a Google Analytics user with the Administrator role
  2. Go to Google Cloud APIs & Services
    1. Enable the Google Analytics API
Service Account - Client EmailThis value is available in the JSON file for the client_email property e.g.,
Service Account - Private KeyThis value is available in the JSON file for the private_key property e.g., -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----\nMIIEvQ...MKgrU=\n-----END PRIVATE KEY-----\n


Google Analytics - Account IdThis value is available on Google Analytics -> Admin -> Account Settings