Superviso by Kantoku

A comprehensive set of functionalities enabling organizations to efficiently oversee various information security processes.


Identity Governance for managing privileges and identities workflows. Asset Management for ownership and data classification.


Effortlessly and securely retrieve automatically privileges, identities, and resources with our different integrations.

Detect Issues

Swiftly identify discrepancies between approved resources on Superviso and their configured counterparts.


All stakeholders within the organization should be aware of the current state of information security processes. They have access to Superviso for data relevant to their business activities.


Encrypted integration credentials. Dedicated database per organization. Automation to prevent human errors. Regular security scans to identify potential issues.

Stay Compliant

Every organization must now adhere to various compliance frameworks. Processes are fundamental to any robust information security program.

No Buzzwords

It's not rocket science. We are applying well-known, effective processes without getting caught up in buzzwords. We prioritize simplicity and efficiency.

Best Practices

Hands-on experience

Superviso is developed by information security professionals holding renowed certifications like CISSP, CISA, and OSCP. Backed by years of hands-on experience, we've successfully implemented these processes with numerous clients.

We're not here to merely follow the latest marketing trends or frighten organizations with the latest threats. Our focus centers on sharing knowledge and promoting best practices.


Set up integrations to make your life easier

Despite the abundance of information from various vendors, it's now more accessible to retrieve. Superviso aims to efficiently process and ensure proper documentation of this information. Otherwise, manual processing could quickly become cumbersome.

Our integrations allow to retrieve and reconcile many times per day without your interventions.