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Third-Party Management

Leveraging third-parties for daily operations is crucial in an interconnected world. Nevertheless, third-parties are integral to your risk strategies. Entrusting essential aspects of your business, including organizational and client data, underscores the importance of conducting periodic assessments.


of data breaches involve a third-party

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These are just a few examples...


Third-parties are linked to assets, which are subsequently linked to resources, privileges, ownership, and even other informational assets. This ensures a comprehensive overview of which assets are managed by third-parties.


Conduct risk assessments to evaluate both inherent and residual risks, considering the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data entrusted to third-parties.


The classification of third-parties is based on the types of data present across associated assets. The classification is then determined by the highest classification among these types.


Knowing the data location is crucial for the organization and compliance with various privacy laws. The region or data center ensures alignment with these regulations.

You can also monitor costs incurred with your cloud providers by automatically retrieving your invoices!