Superviso for
Identity Governance

Superviso by Kantoku is a comprehensive set of functionalities enabling organizations to efficiently oversee various information security processes, including the management of privileges and identities.


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Identity Governance - Request

Highlights some of the core functionalities


These are just a few examples...


A formal request is necessary to either grant and/or revoke privileges from users. The responsibility of approving or denying the request, while enforcing Segregation of Duties (SoD) as necessary, falls upon the asset owner, privilege owner, or assigned approver groups.


Conduct periodic reviews of all privileges based on a defined schedule. The review is conducted by the asset owner and/or the owner of each privilege. The identities included in the review will be those obtained from the asset as well as the accesses approved through a request.

Activity Logs

All status changes are logged to provide a record of who made the change and when it occurred.


Privileges and identities are obtained via connector pulls. Through automated reconciliation, this process ensures data integrity between both the assets and what is documented on Superviso.

Drift Configuration

Quickly identifies if a privilege is assigned to a user without the requisite documented request. We monitor specific settings like 2FA to ensure proper user configuration.


Automation is just one of the ways to handle privileges and identities. Manual creation is still an option and can be incorporated into the request workflow and review process for greater flexibility.


Set up integrations to make your life easier

Managing privileges and identities across your applications, and assuring the related documentation, can swiftly become cumbersome.

Our integrations allow to retrieve and reconcile many times per day without your interventions.